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To order please contact:

The Oaks Historical Society Inc
PO Box 6016, The Oaks, NSW 2570
or 02) 4657 1796


Author Book Title Retail
Alexander, Pacita My Dearest Ellen $20.00
Alexander, Pacita &
Perkins, Elizabeth
A love affair with Australian Literature $25.00
Barrett, Jim Life in the Burragorang not in
Barrett, Jim Narrow Neck & birth of Kedumba $15.00
Barrett, Jim Place Names Blue Mountains & Burragorang $15.00
Barrett, Jim Yerranderie story of a ghost town $15.00
Barrett, Jim Shack Country & Old Burragorang $15.00
Barrett, Jim Kanangra Walls discovery & history $15.00
Barrett, Jim Coxs River history & development $15.00
Barrett, Jim Kowmung River history & development $15.00
Barrett, Jim Gandangurra; The Language of the Mountain People $25.00
Barrett, Jim The First Bushwalker; story of Fred Eden $15.00
Barrett, Jim The Kills of Kedumba $15.00
Bicknell, John Twelve Years in Care $35.00
Bindi Bindi Australian Verse for the very young $22.00
Bindi Bindi The Book of Australian Nursery Rhymes $22.00
Bodkin, Frances D’harawal seasons & Climactic cycles $30.00
Bodkin, Frances D’harawal Dreaming stories $25.00
Brookman, Ivy & Smith, Jim Gungarlock – Riley family in Burragorang Valley dis-
Brown, Joan The Trail Boss – Fairley History out of print
Collison, Noel St Matthews- The little slab church $18.00
Christison, Ray Surviving & Thriving-The history of Tahmoor Colliery from Origin to 2019 $30.00
Davis, Sue Chapters of Cawdor $15.00
den Hertog, Sonja The History of Burragorang Valley $12.00
den Hertog, Sonja The History of The Oaks from The Records $12.00
den Hertog, Sonja Yerranderie; 1871-1995 $12.00
Downing , Pauline Huts & Homesteads Of Namadji National Park $20.00
Downing , Pauline Hut and Homesteads of Kosciosko National Park $15.00
Fairfax, Marlene TAHMOOR, it has no definite name (history) $25.00
Hodder, Steve Norb O’Reilly and the life worth fighting for (WW1) $30.00
Holmes, Marie A Scrapbook of Australian History dis-continued
Kingsclear Books Camden; edited by Ian Willis $25.99
Lyon, Doreen Womens Voices edited by Doreen Lyon $15.00
Lyon, Doreen (edited) With the best of intentions:Barnardo @ Mowbray Park $15.00
Lyon, Doreen (edited) From Estonia to Thirlmere $15.00
Lyon, Doreen (edited) Teachers tales edited by Doreen Lyon (updated reprint) $20.00
Moore, Rowan The History of Glenmore 1850-1950 $10.00
Picton & District Historical Society Wollondilly’s Fallen $20.00
Roads & Maritime Services Old Hume Highway out of
Russell, William My Recollection by Werriberri $ 7.00
Smith, Jim The Aboriginal People of Burragorang Valley $50.00
Sproule, Colin 100 years of apple growing in Oakdale $ 7.00
Sproule, Colin Timbergetters of Wollondilly $ 7.00
Sproule, Colin Of Mines & Men out of
Sproule, Colin From Picton to Pretoria, by Colin Sproule $ 7.00
Stevens, Ted Razorback, the real story (of the truck blockade) out of
The Oaks Historical Society A Country Selection. Recipes from TOHS (Cookbook) $ 7.00
The Oaks Historical Society Stories etc from the Burragorang/Yerranderi Scrolls $15.00
The Oaks Historical Society A Moment in Time & our first Home; seniors week 2012 $ 3.50
The Oaks Historical Society Burragorang Boys & Beyond in WW1 $10.00
The Oaks Historical Society (edited by Jenny Wood) My first Home when I got married $ 5.00
The Oaks Historical Society The Australian Womens Land Army in Wollondilly out of
Villy, Elizabeth Red Poppies and The White Waratah; Heroines of the Great War in Wollondilly $25.00
Villy, Elizabeth The Old Razorback Schoolhouse out of print
Villy, Elizabeth The Old Razorback Road out of
Villy, Elizabeth The Racing Doctor – tales of medical care in the Cowpastures $20.00
Vincent, Liz Tales of Old Wollondilly $ 7.00
Vincent, Liz Tales of Old Picton out of
Vincent, Liz Brief History of Picton $ 7.00
Vincent, Liz Forgotten Village of (UPPER) Picton $25.00
Vincent, Liz Tales of Old Macarthur $ 7.00
Vincent, Liz Tales of Old Camden $ 8.00
Vincent, Liz Town of Camden by Sidman $10.00
Walter, B and King, P For the love of a Dingo (autobiography Bernice Waters) out of
Watson, Colin  As it Happened 1803-2003 bushwalking in valley $25.00
Watson, Colin DVD: walking trips from Katoomba to Burragorang 1948-64 dis-
Welsh, Ian Valley of Wealth-A Burragorang Coal Story &
Valley of Wealth -A Brimstone Colliery Story
Welsh, Ian Valley of Wealth- A Brimstone Colliery Pictorial (DVD) $13.00
Willis, Ian Camden & District Pictorial History not
in stock
Wood, Jenny (edited) Apron Strings. Stories & Recipes $ 6.00
Wood, Jenny (edited) Music & Memories of WW1 $ 5.00


Please note: Publications no longer available are in our reference library and can be accessed at the museum via visiting/research

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The Oaks Historical Society
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The Oaks, 2570
or 02) 4657 1796
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